Why SSL matters on your website

What is SSL?

You may have seen the little padlock appear next to the URL when you load a website and not known what that means, well that means the site you are loading is using the Secure Sockets Layer aka SSL.

What is SSL
What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol used to establish an encrypted connection between your web browser and the the web server which serves up the website. Using SSL means the data sent backwards and forwards between the two is private.

So what does that mean?
SSL allows information to be sent between you and the server privately via encryption. This is especially important for sensitive information such as credit card information and passwords but there is no reason why all data sent shouldn’t be encrypted.

Why does that matter to my business?
Internet browsers have started to show a scary looking “Your connection is not private” message for websites that aren’t using SSL, if you saw this would you continue?

Google and other search engines have also started penalizing sites that aren’t secure and lowering their position in the search rankings.

What do we do about this?
Here at Wulff Creative, you can see our website and all the websites we host have the secure padlock next the URL and the address starts with https rather than http, thats how you know your connection is private.

We use the service Lets Encrypt which allows us to provide you with a free SSL certificate and we make your hosting and your website compatible to ensure you’re all secure and none of your visitors are getting blocked or turned away by any scary messages.

If your website needs updating to SSL or you want a website built by us contact us using the form on our homepage HERE