Product photography for ECommerce

What is ecommerce photography?

E-Commerce photography is photo’s taken of products to be sold online. For example the pictures you see of something for sale on a web store. What is ecommerce photography?

Your product photos can be the difference between make or break when it comes to making sales. Here we try explain why Product photography for ECommerce is so important and what we do about it here at Wulff Creative.

One of the problems with shopping online is the lack of being able to see the product in person before buying it, so your photos are the only thing the customer has to go on to see the quality of your brand. You could have the highest quality product but low quality photos give off the impression that you don’t know what you are doing and this can often break trust. You have to think about what you would like to see when you were making a purchase.

Clean Product Shots
A clean product shot doesn’t have to be against a white background but it does have to show clearly what the product is. A customer wants to see exactly what they are getting without going through 100 different photos to do so and should be able to tell exactly what the product is without reading the description. A picture speaks a thousand words.
Our in house photographer did the product photography for Barber Capes, When barbers go out on tea break they chuck their cape over their chair to show they aren’t in and the capes use different methods of fastening the neck. We took both of those points and made it vital that we got these into the product shots.

Product Photography For ECommerce clear photos
Product Photography clear photos

Consistency is key
Planning how your photos are going to be taken is vital, everything from lighting, placement to distance away from the product needs to be taken into consideration and recorded for consistency. This makes such a huge difference to the customer in knowing what to look for in a photo and it also works with the last point in keeping everything clean.
Whatever style you decide to go with make sure everything looks the same and the photos are the same size, different size product photos can make your page look lumpy with products not aligning.

Product Photography consistency
Consistent Barber Cape photography

Lifestyle images
In product photography for ECommerce there are two kinds of photos, direct product photos and lifestyle images. Lifestyle images are fantastic for showing off your product without it directly looking like it is a straight photo of a product. This gives people an idea of what the product is like in everyday use and works well in conjunction with direct product photos.

Product Photography lifestyle for barber capes
Product Photography lifestyle barber capes

With all that in mind you should be able to get the kind of product photos that will really show the quality of your brand and convert into sales. If this is a service you think we can help you with, contact us on our homepage contact form here!